What is BERA® EquestFix?

BERA® EquestFix is a versatile yet strong method to reinforce your equestrian zones. It is an unique ‘circular’ product to be implemented in the stabilization of areas such as paddocks and equestrian yards. It prevents compacting of the subbase causing stagnant water and will keep the surface even and stable to ride. Several pavers available on the market are made of low quality recycled plastic. They tend to be inflexible and smelly due to use of plastic which was not cleaned in the recycling process. The stiffness is creating discomfort for the horses’ hooves and legs. BERA® EquestFix using the unique CoPo recycled and clean raw material provides health safety, strength and flexibility in one product. Furthermore an integrated absorption system for limited thermal expansion is provided for as a part of the secure interlocking. The secure interlocking system keeps the EquestFix pavers connected.


  • Paddocks and riding arenas
  • Exercise and lunging areas
  • Stables and horse mounting areas
  • Horse walkers zone
  • Access lanes to stable and arena
  • Heavy duty grass or split/gravel area

Features and benefits of BERA® EquestFix:

  • Environmentally friendly solution, fully circular process including ‘in-house’ household waste collection, separation, cleaning and processing into a fully recyclable strong stabilization product
  • Strength empty up to 170 T/m2 for truck access
  • Versatile honeycomb modules with anti-slip nods, 60 x 40 cm, depth 3.2 cm
  • Secure interlocks keeping sheets perfectly together, providing a stable base for all trafficked and horse area’s
  • Anchors at the bottom of each sheet preventing shifting of the sheets
  • Fully porous, yet retaining humidity for the growth of the grass
  • Easily cut around obstacles such as trees, shrubs or fences
  • Fully porous, yet retaining humidity for the growth of the grass
  • European Union manufacturing following directives of REACH, ISO9001 and 14001
Material Recycled CoPo
Manufacturing technique High precision injection moulding
Manufacturing standards REACH, ISO9001, ISO14001
UV and frost resistance included
Colour Grey
Cell structure Honeycomb
Anchors Integrated
Interlocking Secured interlocking
Standard sheet size 56 x 38 x 3.2 cm  
Standard size incl. anchor height 56 x 38 x 5.1 cm  
Tolerance dimensions +/- 2%  
Surface per sheet 0.22 m²  
Quantity per m² 4.5  
Quantity of sheets /m² per pallet 280 sheets / 61.6 m2  
 Weight per sheet, approx. 0.9 kg  
Weight per m² , approx. 4.1 kg  
Strength, empty EN 124-1:2017 170 T/m²  
Thermal expansion at 50°C 0.1 %  
*All data is subject to change without prior notice by the manufacturer


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