BERA® is the trademark of BERA B.V. of The Netherlands, a company which develops stabilization systems, eco systems and prestigious outdoor living concepts.

BERA B.V. was founded in the Netherlands in 2009 to develop, manufacture and distribute ‘green’ products and system solutions for gardens, landscapes and urban spaces. Our strive is to provide solutions that are both sustainable in their manufacture and application. In less than 5 years we have become leaders in the field of gravel stabilisation and have been awarded by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver certificate for one of our core products, BERA Gravel Fix® Pro. Millions of square meters of BERA Gravel Fix® Pro have been installed in diverse climates, ensuring that valuable rainwater is absorbed back into the soil, thereby improving the ecology of the Planet.

The BERA® family are and have always been dedicated to producing products of excellence and durability. This commitment and consistent strategic interventions based on market requirements have enabled us to establish a successful partnerships with professionals in 38 countries. Our European manufacturing facility offers highly rated QA-systems under Lloyds/ISO9001 and 65% of our employees are disabled in line with our social fairness policies. Our central location in Europe ensures shorter routes to our clients resulting on a reduced carbon footprint.

With the company’s historical roots and wealth of know-how in landscaping and architectural fields, BERA® has progressively enhanced its program with multiple ‘green’ solutions for the professional landscaping architects and contractors as well as creating dedicated products for the growing DIY market, where we are recognized as the #1 supplier in the field of stabilization products and accessories. This website will provide a brief introduction into our company, its values and products.

We welcome you to join our BERA® team!

Rob J. Addink