What is BERA® T- and L-Edge Pro?

Flexible, strong, elegant and versatile aluminium edging systems are now available in 2 designs:

• T – shape for parking, driveways, terraces, hard landscaping;
• L – shape for walkways, lawns, flowerbeds, hard landscaping.

The BERA® T-Edge Pro, with its stable base, is able to withstand pressure from vehicles onto a paved/gravel driveway or parking area.

The triangle cut-outs are made to create a fully flexible edge for curves and bends by cutting the strip or by leaving them uncut to have a straight and solid edge.

The same features are applicable to BERA® L-Edge Pro, except for the fact that this range is more suitable for neat and elegant edging of flowerbeds, lawns and hard landscaping. Both systems are of the highest quality of aluminium, light in weight and easy to install.

Fixation of both edging systems is possible by using standard soil-pins. Interlocking snap-on connectors are available to extend individual sections.

Product BERA T-Edge Pro Bera L-Edge Pro
Colour Aluminium natural grey Aluminium natural grey
Material Aluminium alloy (EN AW6063) Aluminium alloy (EN AW6063)
Weight standard According EN573-3 According EN573-3
Mechanical properties According EN755-2 T6 According EN755-2 T6
Production standards ISO9001 ISO9001
Recyclable Yes Yes
Produkt ID 1410307 1410305
Dim. per profile (L x W x H) 118 x 9 x 5 cm 118 x 4.5 x 5 cm
Weight per profile 0.78 kg 0.59 kg
Packing dimensions, box 121 x 40 x 12 cm 121 x 12 x 8 cm
Gross weight, box 17 kg 11 kg
Quantity per box 20 20
Length per box 23.6 m 23.6 m
Box per pallet 16 40
Pallet dimension 120 x 80 x 102 cm 120 x 80 x 104 cm
Pallet weight 272 kg 440 kg
Produkt ID 1410308 1410306
Dim. per profile (L x W x H) 235 x 9 x 5 cm 235 x 4.5 x 5 cm
Weight per profile 1.63 kg 1.23 kg
Packing dimensions, box 237 x 40 x 12 cm 237 x 12 x 9 cm
Gross weight, box 34.0 kg 21 kg
Quantity per box 20 20
Length per box 47 m 47 m
Box per pallet 28 50
Pallet dimension 237 x 126 x 102 cm 237 x 120 x 104 cm
Pallet weight 970 kg 1070 kg


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Step 1

Cut the triangle strip to enable the edging to be used in curvy designs or creation of bends. Extend each section of BERA® T- or L-Edge Pro with the connector.

Step 2

After final positioning of the edges, if required, use soil-pins to fix the position of the edges. For soft soil use longer or other fixation methods. Instructions of installation are guidance only and subject to local rules and regulations.