What is BERA Gravel Fix® Pro?

BERA Gravel Fix® Pro is an advanced recyclable stabilization system for gravel, shells, mulch and sand. With its hexagonal honeycomb-like structure of high quality Polypropylene cells, BERA Gravel Fix® Pro is designed to provide a strong and stable sub-base for the professional application of gravel on paths, driveways, car parks
and roofs. Installed by professional contractors it will facilitate a strong and porous surface for residential and urban projects.


  • Landscaping of urban areas
  • Residential villa gardens and terraces
  • Parking and gravel driveways
  • Service access routes

Features and benefits of BERA Gravel Fix® Pro:

  • Easy to install and stable gravel surface in fast and economic way
  • Three sizes, Pro, Pro XL (book-fold) and Pro XXL from 0.9 – 2.7 m2
  • For pedestrian and vehicle use, even trucks
  • Easy mobility for all including those wearing high-heels or with bicycles, motorbike or wheelchair
  • Terrace furniture, ladders – stable and no sinking in
  • Fully porous, so dry and ensuring infiltration of rainwater immediately
  • DuPont™ Typar® geotextile fitted for maximum porosity and weed growth reduction
Material 100% recycled or pure polypropylene, 100% recyclable
Manufacturing technique High Precision Green Injection Moulding
Manufacturing standards ISO9001, 16949 Lloyds, REACH
Manufacturing location European Union
Colour White, grey, black or RAL
Cell structure Hexagonal
Membrane DuPont™ Typar® – 68 g/m²
Drainability EN ISO 11058 180 liter/(m².s)
UV and frost UV and frost resistant
Model Pro Pro XL Pro XXL
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1176 x 764 x 32 1176 x 764 x 32 (folded)
1528 x 1176 x 32 (installed)
2292 x 1176 x 32
Installed surface (m²) 0.9 1.8 2.7
Cell size (mm) 42 42 42
Wall tickness, tapered (mm) 0.8–1.4 mm 0.8–1.4 mm 0.8–1.4 mm
Weight (kg) 1.4 kg 2.8 kg 4.2 kg
Gravel/split volume/weight 50 l/m² = 75 kg/m²- size between 3 and 16 mm 50 l/m² = 75 kg/m²- size between 3 and 16 mm 50 l/m² = 75 kg/m²- size between 3 and 16 mm
Vertical strength, empty (T/m²) 120 resp. 95 (white resp. grey/black) 120 resp. 95 (white resp. grey/black) 120 resp. 95 (white resp. grey/black)
Vertical strength, installed (T/m²) > 450 depending on gravel/split > 450 depending on gravel/split > 450 depending on gravel/split
*) All data is subject to change without prior notice by the manufacturer.
• BERA Gravel Fix® Pro is frequently used on light slopes including driveways. Specific requirements on the application depend on the circumstances on site. Please contact the manufacturer or the dealer for further advise.
• BERA Gravel Fix® Pro white is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver available in multiple sizes.

Environmental and Engineering Excellence

BERA Gravel Fix® Pro is manufactured in the European Union under stringent Quality and Environmental Control standards, including REACH (EC 1907/2006). The use of recycled raw materials and well developed infrastructure to minimize our delivery carbon footprint, underline our corporate vision in providing environmentally sustainable solutions.

BERA Gravel Fix® Pro in white is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver. http://www.c2ccertified.org

BERA Gravel Fix® Pro, a sustainable product:

  • Manufactured in Europe using renewable energy sources
  • Fully recyclable after end of life-cycle
  • Select 100% recycled raw materials at no extra cost
  • Safety according REACH (EC1907/2006)
  • UV and frost resistant
  • No glue, only thermally welded connections
  • Social awareness policy


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